US Veterans Prescribed Lethal Drugs to Treat PTSD


Evidence shows a number of US war veterans were issued a variety of potentially deadly pharmaceuticals to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) including the dangerous antipsychotic drug Seroquel. Pleas from the families of deceased veterans finally persuaded the U.S. Central Command to remove the dangerous antipsychotic from the list of military PTSD treatments.

The decision came last March after stories of numerous veterans’ deaths could no longer be suppressed. One such example was former Sergeant Eric Layne who died from consumption of drug cocktails containing Seroquel. After serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom with his wife Janette, Sgt. Layne suffered an agonizing death from antipsychotic drug treatments. Though the decision to remove Seroquel from the list of often-prescribed PTSD medications is a step in the right direction, the potential impact of the drug has recently expanded to consumer markets.

In 2011, ABC News reported that AstraZeneca’s patent for Seroquel expired, allowing for generic versions of the powerful drug to be manufactured and sold throughout the country. Sadly, information about Seroquel and similar drugs is often kept hidden from the public, leaving consumers of generic brands unaware of corporate deceit and veteran deaths.


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