If you’re hungry for bands such as M83, Death Cab for Cutie, and MGMT, The Vogans will be sure to satisfy your appetite. Andre Heizer’s voice tastefully engulfs you in a light echo, while the rest of the band harmoniously delivers individualized melodies that come together to form an upbeat,indie pop groove. The Vogans are a young band in Boca Raton currently performing and writing/recording new music.

Their new song Cosmos is delivered by sunny synth beats and a  timely keyboard tempo as a low-end bass conjoins with an uplifting electric guitar to bring forth a toe-tapping, hip-swinging melody. The opening lines “Look inside/ Into the fogged window/ Lean in to take a peak/ See only what you know” are the intro into a  psychedelic trip of hope, honesty, and courage.

Check out their new single Cosmos here: Cosmos

* Andre Heizer on vocals and rhythm guitar, NickJamshidi on lead guitar, Nick Palmieri on synth, Paul DeFilippis on bass, and John Paul Morrissee on the drums