Warped Tour 2012

       ImageOn Saturday, July 28 over 70 artists played under the scorching sun at the Cruzan Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, FL at the Vans Warped Tour. Eight stages were set up throughout the South Florida Fairgrounds, thus lack of music was not an issue.  A few of the bands included in the lineup were: Lostprophets, Yellowcard, Taking Back Sunday, New Found Glory, All Time low, Senses Fail, Mayday Parade, We The Kings, Of Mice and Men, The Green, G-Eazy, Mod Sun, Kosha Dillz, and many more.

                Humidity was at an all-time high, yet bands brought their top performances. “In the U.K. you would not get temperatures like this,” said drummer Luke Johnson of Lost Prophets as he wiped his forehead with his tattooed covered forearm. “But we have been blown away by the crowd and every day exceeds our expectations.”

Water was anything but cheap, selling for $4.50 a bottle, yet lines of eager thirsty fans in bathing suits snaked throughout the fairgrounds waiting to ease their dehydration.

Lostprophets collected an enormous crowd of followers that moshed to their hard music with passion. “Last Train Home” was most definitely favored as young girls roared loudly and mosh pits viciously whirled around the stage.

“Last Train Home is my favorite song to play,” said drummer Johnson in a low raspy voice. “When you look out and see the crowd jumping in unison to your music it is pretty breathtaking.”

As for other bands, such as The Green, crowds were not as unruly. Many people lazily chilled under the trees for protection from the baking sun, while nodding their heads slowly to the reggae rhythm.

“Back at home [Hawaii] we have a bigger crowd and we are the biggest buzz. Being out here is a reality check, but that is okay we are trying to spread our music around that is why we are here,” said guitarist Zion Thompson from The Green. His huge figure and tan skin is as big and warm as his personality.

For Of Mice and Men, their show was anything but tame. Lead singer Austine Carlile formed three walls of death in which the crowd was separated into three raging  pits of die hard fans.

“This tour gets hectic, crazy, and out of control,” said singer Carlile as his eyes hid behind gun-metal sun glasses. “But it is very enjoyable.”

As the sun began to descend around 8:00 p.m., it was plain to see that many fans were die-hard Screamo heads as Senses Fail came to stage. From body surfing, to mosh pitting, countless people were eager to exhibit their buzz for the band.

“This is my first time seeing them live,” said 20 year old Tyler Carson as thick dark blood dripped from his nose. “They did awesome.”

Yet live concerts were not the only phenomena occurring at Vans Warped Tour. Tents were scattered throughout the event in support of nonprofit organizations, bands, and merchandise. Furthermore, there were also band meet and greets in which people could get the chance to meet their favorite artist.

“This is the most grueling tour that anybody gets the chance to do,” said rapper G-eazy. “But at the same time it is the greatest tour.”


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