With a beautiful name like Falseta, and a lead singer who’s long hair sways back and forth on stage how could girls not resist this up and coming band?  When these five talented musicians were brought together the name Falseta came to them on a whim when they linked it with the latin meaning of a guitar speaking to you.

About four years ago guitarist Vishnu Saiz, bassist Leo Neves, drummer  Romulo Bernal, vocalist Marcus Fernandez, and  guitarist Ernesto formed Perfecta. After breaking up and reforming, they created Falseta.

“We’re a very neutral band,” said Shaiz. “We are progressive, and use a lot of progressive grooves.”

Falseta is not your average heavy metal band. They incorporate flamenco chords into their music, rather than heavy metal chords.

   “We’re a big fan of melodies in a way that’s tolerable,” said Bernal. “We’re not afraid to admit that we like Justin Beiber.” Bernal comes from a Latin background and the band reveals that his ethnicity does have an influence on the bands sound as well.
  “Our music is the kind of music metal dudes listen to with their girlfriends,” said Fernandez.
    Fernandez said that for the past two years the group has evolved in it’s form and tightness. They know each other so well that there is no thinking involved, the music just flows.
  When asked what music meant to them, each member had various reasons. However, one answer they all had in common was that it was the soundtrack to their life.
    “Music fits into every moment,” said Fernandez. “Whether you’re happy…pissed off…sad…it’s emotional therapy.”
   The band reveals that the South Florida local scene is a very tenacious situation for rock. Visitors come here for vacation, and want to go to clubs. However, the more north Falseta travels, the more of a crowd they see. Here in South Florida, there is less support… an unfortunate but common trend among rock groups in South Florida.
The band plans to come out with their new album in the mid year passing. In the mean time, you can check out their website at falsetamusic.com  facebook.com/falseta and twitter.com/falseta

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