The room was undersized, filled with arbitrary posters and a scant heavy metal audience awaiting Silenmara. Apparently, over 4 bands were planned to play at Solid Sound Studios and had cancelled last minute. The show would have been nearly over, but Silenmara was dedicated to rock out.
    “A huge problem in the industry today is stupid frickin’ promoters that don’t show up,” said guitarist Jason Gato. “We try to stay respectable to the venue… we could have left but they deserve respect.”
    Silenmara is a hard core heavy metal band and is notorious for their talent. The band consists of Vocalist Reggie Miller, guitarist Jason Gato, drummer Adrian Perez, rhythm guitarist Paul Casas, and bassist Alex.
  The show was anything but dull. Their energy was surging, invigorating, and elating. Reggie sprung up and down violently as he leaped into the audience, and roared in their face. His intimacy was extraordinarily luring. Without much prior knowledge to who they were, there show had now morphed me into a  fan of Silenmara.
  Silenmara has played at eminent venues such as Kryptonite Fest, and was invited back to play on the main stage again. Not only that, but they had the biggest draw, and the biggest mosh pit as well.
    “Playing at Kryptonite Fest felt Godlike,” said guitarist Gato.
   “Pneumonic Incision was played twice,”  adds vocalist Reggie. “It was so intense we had people bleeding and shit.”
The show they performed at Solid Sound was all of the songs on their new album planned to come out sometime late November or December. The name of the album is “Collective Conscience“. The theme behind it has to do with becoming conjoined civilizations versus being torn apart. Lyrically, each song ties into each other and it is extremely fluid.
   “For me, we were writing more collectively, hence the term collective conscience,” said Jason Gato. “But there were times I wrote very angry, depressed, sour, or in a strange state of mind.”
  “I myself went through a lot and lost a lot of people who I thought were friends,” said Reggie. The singer revealed that during the process of making the record there was a time that he completely alienated himself from the world. He went through a period of time when he had no phone, no internet, and was basically “off of the grid”.
  In the album Reggie said that there are times when the message is clear and when it is more fuzzy because the lyrics aren’t as audible, however the record undoubtedly reveals a part of Reggie’s life.
  “Now, I just take it one day at a time,” said vocalist Reggie.
But that’s not the only groundbreaking information behind Silenmara.  Last November bassist Alex was introduced to the band, and apparently became their influence.
   Puti and drummer Adrian Perez had played together before about 6 years ago.
   “We are musical soul mates,” said Perez. “Not only does he keep me in check, but he keeps the whole band in check.”
   “We needed that motivation,” adds Reggie.
   “Music is the expression of the human being,” said Alex. “Every civilization makes music in one form or another.”
    “Our goal is to have a good time,” said Adrian. ” If the audience is having a good time, then so are we. But if nothing is coming back at us it like… ugh. For example, at Kryptonite Fest you have all these people looking at you and screaming and you just wanna..pshh!!!” he said as he threw his hands up and a smile lit up across his face.
  The band reveals that there is a South Florida Metal scene, but they’re just out there hiding in the woods. It takes big shows such as  Kryptonite Fest for them to come out. Kryptonite Fest gave Reggie his Black Magic nick name in which he jumped into the crowd and got knocked in the head. His band was wondering where he went off to because he  disappeared into thin air.
  Silenmara is stimulating, intimate, and talented. It is unfortunate that unprofessional, apathetic, and disrespectful bands coincide with their venues. However, I am proud to say that I can now spread the word about their music and ardent talent.
  You can hear Silenmara at and or follow them on twitter at @silenmara

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