Jacob Jeffries Band

The Jacob Jeffries Band is an exclusive kind of it’s own. With undertones of piano riffs, and a bass that will rock your soul, the duo is that of a rock and roll jazz pop genre. It consists of singer and piano player Jacob Jeffries, guitarist Jimmy Powers V, and drummer Eric Jackowitz.

“We can choose different sounds,” said Powers. “We can deliver pristine lyrics, cater to jam bands, and have a wide range.”

The group is constant, appeals to many, and reveals that they are anything but death metal. They have toured all over the northeast, southeast, and midwest, and frequently play in the New York City and South Florida music scene.

It all started when they taught summer camp together about seven years ago. Jacob had his own band and so did Jimmy. It wasn’t long until they collaborated musically. “We’ve been progressing ever since,” said guitarist Powers.

“Music sets the mood,” said Jeffries. His eyes were hidden behind white Wayfarer sunglasses and his chestnut coiled hair was facilely drooped over his head. “It jogs memory and reminds you of certain times. Some times that you want to forget, and some times that you want to remember.”

Jeffries compared being on stage to a powerful sneeze. He said the roar of excitement feels just as good.

“We were talking about it last night,” adds Powers. “The thing I like about it is if you’re playing with the right people at the right time, you get to experience a feeling of something channeling through you.” Jimmy was wearing a neon green and yellow NORML shirt, along with a black tailored leather jacket. His hair was chin length and brunette to match his coffee eyes.

However, in the music industry there can be multiple setbacks. “The biggest challenge is not giving up,” said Powers. “The odds are always against you.”

“Another challenge is trying to get bigger and get more known,” adds Jeffries. The singer adds that it’s tough to play original in South Florida, and it’s hard to get people to like something new.

What the Jacob Jeffries Band tries to convey to their audience is more of a feeling rather than a message.

“We’ve had certain people tear up or get really excited at our shows,” said Powers. That’s what they really try to provoke from their audience.

The band has a new album coming out this month called Tell Me Secrets, which is their first full length studio record, so be prepared to listen to a very full album.

“Our goal is just to kick ass and come hard,” said Jeffries. The Jacob Jeffries Band write songs in different cities, which creates a new approach to their songwriting. A different atmosphere creates different approaches. What is more, they created a new label, Boom Boom 88 Music, a dream they’ve long had.

The Jacob Jeffries band has changed significantly since they first started. In the beginning of JJB, Jacob used to compose the music and bring in ideas. However, now the process and performance has changed. They are currently writing more as a collaboration.

“We’re now more comfortable playing a show and being more spontaneous,” said Powers.

“I’m not sure if it’s as much musically as it is mentally,” said Jeffries.

Be sure to come out and support The Jacob Jeffries Band as they premier their new video “Crazy Under The Moon” at The Green Room in Ft. Lauderdale on March 22

You can hear their music at jacobjeffriesband.com

-or- facebook.com/jacobjeffriesband


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