Mark Kincaid

Originally from Flagler Beach, FL, 24-year-old Mark Kincaid of Boca Raton has been a DJ for 5 years.
He has a DJ booth set up in his living room with a red light above it, setting a laid-back tone. Albums are accumulated throughout his booth, and  his deep chocolate eyes lock on his Mac book as he searches for music.
 “I get my inspiration from other music, other artists, and emotion,” says Kincaid.
  For this up and coming dj, music is everything…it evokes intense emotions, and when he spins that is how he links these emotions together.
  Right now, Kincaid’s choice genre of music is Moombahton, which is essentially a Dutch House or Electro House at a slower BPM with heavy reggae influences.
    “I am always searching for new music,” says Kincaid as a smile stretches across his face . “People will hear a song, and they don’t know what it is…then that becomes their favorite song, and that music becomes the mainstream. Soon that goes out of style and you have to find new music to keep the flow going.”

 Kincaid taught himself how to DJ on a computer program. He chiefly worked with hip-hop and soul music. However, one day his computer crashed  and he lost everything.
    “I felt like a family member died,” says Kincaid  as he pulls down his black fitted hat.
   Nevertheless, that was the crash he needed to advance his diversity for music.
   After moving forward and making light of a dark situation, the ongoing struggle for Kincaid today is the over saturation of DJ’s.
  “Equipment is becoming more readily available so there are more DJ’s now,” says Kincaid as he plays Dutch House from his laptop and bobs his head to the beat. “And there are less good DJ’s. They know people and they’re getting booked… everything is stagnant and safe.”
  Ultimately, it is up to our future DJ’s like Mark Kincaid, to keep this propelling flow going.
You can follow Mark Kincaid at:  @markkincaid
facebook: Mark Kincaid

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