Katie Brooks

BOCA RATON, FL- 20-year-old Katie Brooks winds back her flowing blond hair into a pony tail, and takes a deep breath as she begins to play “Take Over Control” by Afrojack on the piano.
     “Music is a freedom of expression, a medium to communicate personal experiences,” said Brooks.
     Katie Brooks plays acoustic music and a few artists that inspire her are Arcade Fire, Radio Head, Lykke Lie, and Bon Iver.
  Brooks has been writing and playing her own music since the age of 14. Some of her songs include “Look up at the  Sky“, “Expectancy“, and “Killing Me Softly“.
   Ideally, Katie aspires a more structured set of songs for her future, with the possibility of recorded tracks.
However, “for me it’s more so about the enjoyment of playing music rather than producing it,” said Brooks.
 She let out an immense smile and began to improvise a song on the keyboard. Her exhilaration for music is powerful and contagious; I could not help but pick up my guitar and collaborate with her.
  When asked where she gets her inspiration for her songs, Brooks replied “profound experiences and intense emotion provides excellent material to translate into a piece of music or art.”
 “If I had any advice for musicians out there it would be to think of music as an art. Your creativity is to express yourself and experience something beautiful.”

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