Lauren Ashlee

It’s Monday night at The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton, FL and the crowd is in awe as Lauren Ashlee’s voice relinquishes them in a heap of admiration.
“Music is my passion,” said 25-year-old Lauren Ashlee.
Some of Lauren Ashlee’s musical influences include Jim Morrison, Lana Del Rey, Amy Whinehouse, and Adele.
Lauren Ashlee’s chief genre of musical performances include indie rock and electric pop.
As a child, this artist would sing in school and at local venues, but at age 16 her life took a different path. It wasn’t until this past year that she decided to pick up the mic again.
“It feels wonderful picking up singing after all this time,” said Lauren Ashlee. It has been about ten years since the artist has performed, and you could feel her excitement leaking through all of her pores.

     Some of Lauren Ashlee’s favorite songs to cover are Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep“,  Lady Gaga’s “You and I“, and Oh Darling” by The Beatles.  Furthermore, this artist also writes her own lyrics as well. Some of her latest pieces include “You’re so Gone“, “The Stars Are Our Spies“, and “Beautiful Dream“. What is more, Lauren Ashlee is also collaborating with other artists to further advance in her fervid dedication for art. Music is not by any means nonsensical for this aesthetic singer. “It is a part of me,” said Lauren Ashlee. “Music is the foundation of my life.”

   You can listen to Lauren Ashlee’s music coming soon at:
Follow her at:
And view some of her traditional paintings at:


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